Bitcoin is approaching an ATH and while bitcoin may hit and probably surpass its ATH of $20,000. One may stop to think is it really the best investment decision?
Let’s turn-on our time machine and take a look back in 2016-2017.⬇️

Bitcoin made its first major mainstream ground-breaking ATH in December 2013 when it grew from $70 to about $1150 – That’s a 15x ROI.

Thereafter it took about 4years for #Bitcoin to hit this ATH again in January 2017 when it made a hit at $1160 and then it ranged for weeks till it rallied up to make a record high of $20,000 on December 17th(my birthday on a sidenote?) same year.

-That’s a 20x ROI from ATH

Currently we find #bitcoin in a similar situation just this time on a more bigger scale as it may seem but in respect to the stock-to-flow ratio its not really big ??‍♂️. #Bitcoin after hitting an ATH of $20,000 has long been in a bear market and once again for 3 good years and again like 2016, 2020 replicates, creating a low of $4300 (i still could remember ranting to buy bitcoin) ?… well you know that time is long past now.

Just before you bite your nails there’s really no point regretting not buying…??‍♂️ Just like 2016 #Bitcoin kept up with monthly highs all through the year till it broke the ATH of $1100 in January 2017 then it ranged for few weeks before rallying up 20X

?Key Takeaways – its necessary to note that the bull market of 2017 didn’t start in January 2017 but from January 2016 at a record low price of $370/BTC From then till the end of 2017 major month closed at new all time highs. — NEVER DROPPED BELOW THOSE EARLY PRICES TILL DATE

In 2020 Bitcoin has had it replicates with monthly ATH market close and soon i believe in matter of weeks it will break $20,000 – Don’t expect 40-50% drop its a vainly wish and a fools hope.

*Corporate investors in #Bitcoin buying at $18,000-$19,000 are not based on hypes.

After we hit ATH at $20,000 i believe we will surpass to about $22,000 and see the price range between $22,000-$19,000.

Key Takeaways just before we continue; Since March to date – we’ve had consecutive months of new highs.

Apr – $9,000+

May- $9,900+

Jun- $10,000+

Jul – $11,000+

Aug- $12,000+

Sep- $12,000+

Oct- $14,000+

Nov- $19,000-$20,000+

Dec- #Bitcoin ???

But while the price is ranging some interesting things are gonna happen. After the price ranges probably for weeks we will continue with new highs and once again #Bitcoin will make a new ground breaking ATH am expecting a peak euphoria to catapult price to about $100,00-$140,000.

That would be 20x ROI from $6k/BTC and 5-7x From current ATH.
Now that brings us back to our opening question

Is #Bitcoin the best investment at the moment⁉️

To answer this question let’s compare the #Bitcoin ? performance to the underdogs ?

The #Altcoins

Now this is where things gets interesting.

In 2013:

When #Bitcoin grew from $90 – $1000 = 10X

#Ripple grew from $0.003 – $0.06 =20X


#BTC grew from $1k-20k = 20x

#xrp grew from $0.06-$4.00 = 66x

? Side Note

In plain Lehman English thats to say if you had invested $1000 in bitcoin in early 2017y ou would have made $20,000 by its end and if on Ripple you would have made about $66,000.


You can do the maths for other investment equities.


#Litecoin from $4 – $320 = 80x

#Ethereum from $10 – $1500 = 150x

#StellarLumens from $0.003 – $0.93 = 310x

(Mere $10 would have given you $3,100 clean cash in one year)

Trust Me The Maths Will Keep You In Awe?

When we look back in time we find it a no-brainer that the #Altcoins always outperforms Bitcoin in ROI.

Now this brings us to the pause when bitcoin hits ATH and range – during this period is what I categorize as the “Wake of the #Alts season – Accumulation”

?Good News:

We are currently in these periods – so its still not late to invest ?

Now what I believe will happen is this.

#Bitcoin will accumulates more money and gain an increased market share dominance probably up to 65%. For a short-time it will feel as though alts are not moving (although we are a little started already as they have)…

Total crypto market will make new highs then the #Bitcoin dominance starts to decrease but market cap will remain unchanged or continue increasing. I believe we are currently seeing this happen – this period money starts to pump into #Altcoins as investors are always looking for the best ROI.

The underdogs as usual presents the best offers the #Altcoins starts booming from the top alts to the least alts (shitcoins).. In 2017 the shitcoins which where the least alts grew 100x, 250x, 1000x famous names of Dogecoins, Bitconnect, Blackcoins, the rest is history you can DYOR.
The others where the famous ICO’s burst. I could still remember the popular caption – “Missed the #Bitcoin train”?

2017 ICOs gave the best investment returns (as with the risk) But in 2020 this time we have something new in the crypto space which we call “#DEFI”.

A New interesting concept ?

When Euphoria takes on #Bitcoin , price will skyrocket and this time most likely crypto will go into mainstream adoption like gold then correct in price and then stabilize. #Crypto users will want to earn interest on their assets, thus they will pour their money into DEFI- Decentralized Finance which will be the new form of Banks.

#DEFI projects and coins will see mega growth in price and ROI.

– But this is a debatable topic for another day

So my advice if you still want to get into crypto

Key is Diversifying.

In the list of top 100 wealthiest- Warren Buffet is the only one whose not an innovator nor into consumer products

Yet he made a fortune investing in stocks.

You could be the next Buffet with crypto?

My crypto portfolio recommendation:

(Not a financial advice DYOR?)

If you got good bucks

Bitcoin – 40%

Top Alts (XRP,ETH,BCH,LTC,DOT, top 50 ) -30%

Underdogs(list of 50>, ETN, SXP,MATIC,THETA,BAT,NANO,etc) – 15%

Defi (KNC,AAVE,SOL,REN,AKRO,etc) -15% (

If you aint got good bucks less than $10,000 investment i.e range of $10-$9000.

Honestly you got no business holding Bitcoin- actually you don’t really need to.??‍♂️

Your list should be like this??

Top Alts (Top 50 – XLM, XRP, DOT, IOTA, ADA,etc) – 40%

Underdogs (Top 50-200 same as previous list) -30%

DEFI(same as previous list) – 30%


At The Moment most if not all these coins are still under-appreciated and undervalued. ( Investing in #Bitcoin at this time is for those with surplus resources the big guys whose liquid cash are in excess of millions and don’t mind losing couple of millions ?.

Likes of Paypal and Cash App buying over 10,000 BTC at the rate of $18,500 or Grayscale 10,000 btc at the rate of $17,000-18,500 or square who bought 4700 BTC at about $10-11,000.

Yet they say just 1% of their portfolio ????

Trust me these big guys ain’t fools, 2017 #crypto was bought by young enthusiasts selling houses and cars to purchase #bitcoin, little movement they frighten out for fear of debts.

The current players and holders of bitcoin are saving in illiquid wallets. If these guys are buying at $18,500 without pressure and still buying – its a no-brainer to understand something big is coming, corporate investors think things through for weeks/months before decisions are made.

And this decisions are taken in group and not sole-individuals

And they don’t shaken out for intra-day noise.

They focus on the big picture and often have a long-term target in mind.

They don’t care losing millions and they are in no pressure.

Thanks for reading and hope you buy some cryptos ?


Nicholas Ilechie

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